“The Itty Biddies, another trio of sweet songstresses, will bring out the kid in all of us (easy for the kids, sometimes not so easy for the parents). With storytelling through song the Itty Biddies take us on a trip through the wild with “Safari” and teach us to be kind with the melodic diddy “Neighbor”. You can anticipate jazzy pop with soaring vocals and a groovy bassline that will make you spin, jump and do the swim.” Brooklyn, NY 2012 

With their cool clubby roots and easygoing onstage banter, The Biddies' live show might be the smoothest 45 minutes in kiddie concert history.
-Time Out Kids, 2011 

Combining storytelling, rockin' music and soaring vocals, this female trio will lift your kids out of their seats and take them on an imaginary trip with a magical suitcase. The Biddies' pop-cabaret style, often accompanied by drums, bass, ukulele and/or piano, will guide you through the city’s subway, a safari in Africa or a star-lit boat ride.
-Time Out Kids, 2013 

"For a good few years now, they’ve been successfully entertaining children and their grown ups with ukuleles, charm, humor, and a global perspective. Then there’s the music. Their suitcase of songs is lighthearted and infused with tight vocals and hook-laden catchiness. Songs bounce and groove and make ya wanna dance! Actually, their great singing and harmonizing is incredibly catchy. Whew! I wasn’t expecting this. It has effectively replaced Randy Kaplan on the car CD player, and we all know he’s great."
-Brooklyn Parent Magazine 4/2013 

"Cocktail Pop Darlings"
-New York Magazine 

The day began with the annual [Halloween] block party on Grand, where we saw the premiere of the Itty Biddies, a kids band spinoff of the Lascivious Biddies (commissioned by Carnegie Hall!). Between one of their standards, a cover of The Smiths’ “Ask,” and their original kids pop, these ladies … have got their new act down pat. Every Bat Man and Butterfly was jumping., Brooklyn, NY, 2010

I would be remiss if I didn't applaud the Itty Biddies show presented at [Walton Arts Center] Saturday by the Lascivious Biddies, a NYC musical group with the harmonies of Manhattan Transfer and the energy of Ultra Suede. The kids in the audience — of all ages — had a great time! Here's hoping the [Walton Arts Center] continues to seek out that kind of programming for children!
- Fayetteville Morning News, Fayetteville, AR 

Bring your little ones to these free, interactive, 45-minute concerts, especially designed for children ages three to six, but fun for the whole family! Concerts feature songs, movement, and instrument demonstrations and create opportunities for musical creativity and play.

The playing is tight and the harmonies are tighter. And if they record more songs like "Brighter Days" below, then I'm sold.